Our tailored online exit survey is designed to help you either replace your traditional exit interview process or supplement it where you want to continue meeting with key leavers face to face.

Why use an online survey?

Many businesses don’t consistently collect information on why people leave. Even if data is collected, it is rarely collated or analysed on a regular or consistent basis.

Traditional exit interviews take up a lot of time and resource and incur significant cost.

Leavers are often uncomfortable telling you ‘the whole story’ face to face. As a result, potentially damaging trends are missed and changes to reduce employee turnover are not made.

What are the benefits?

  • You will save the cost, time and resource required to conduct face-to-face exit interviews

  • You will gather more reliable data. Leavers tend to provide more open feedback when the service is anonymous and managed by a third party

  • You will be able to collect data in a consistent format

  • You will have the data analysed for you on a regular basis

  • You will be able to report key trends back to the business

  • You will be able to see how your organisation compares to other organisations in our database

  • You will be able to implement specific changes to reduce employee turnover and track changes in the data over time

  • You will be able to link employee engagement survey results and business KPIs to employee turnover

How does it work?

We have our own web-based tool that allows us to create tailored online surveys, but the real value we add is in taking away the pain from designing and managing the process for you.


In the first place we will work with you to create your tailored online exit survey. Based on leaver data we have gathered over the last 10 years, combined with our research into employee engagement, we have a robust set of questions that will help you start to build your survey.


Once we have created the survey for you, all that needs to happen is for the link to the survey to be emailed to leavers. Either you can do this or we can.


We then analyse the data and report the results to you on a regular basis. We carry out statistical analysis of your data on an annual basis to highlight the significant trends by business unit, region, department, job type, length of service etc. We can also provide you with a benchmark of how your organisation compares with others.


Our analysis can also help you identify questions that could be used in your employee survey as a way to accurately compare employee engagement scores with turnover data.

By identifying the specific things that are having the biggest impact on the decision to leave – the things that matter most to your employees – we can help you define specific plans for how to address the key trends and reduce your level of turnover.

What does it cost?

Just £3495 per year. No setup fees, no charge per head, no limit on the number of leavers, no charge for making changes once the survey is live.